Here are a few observations from my day-to-day interaction with the NCW real estate market...

The number of listings for sale is finally starting to increase. I estimate a 10% increase over last month. Now buyers have a few more options when getting out to look at homes. This is a positive change in the market and I hope it continues. Interest rates remain steady. Prices continue to climb as demand continues to exceed supply. I don't see this slowing down much this year unless we experience some catastrophic global event.

If you want to sell this year, now's the time to take action. The market typically takes a pause in the extreme temps of August (especially if we have fires). That means you have a 60 day window to get your home on the market and find a buyer. 

If you want to buy, watch the market daily via auto email notifications in your price range. I can get you set up to receive these directly from the MLS or you can use my website. Get inside all homes that look appealing, and be ready to lose out on a few homes along the way. Keep in mind that buying is a process, and it may take several months to find the right home. 

Whether buying or selling, I'm always available to help you assess your needs and guide you through the process. Call or text me at 509-670-0795 or email at

All the best,

Kelly Boyle