Christmas is a time of great joy.  Cheerful gatherings create long-lasting memories.  There's a youthful excitement in the atmosphere, and everyone enjoys the pretty lights and decorations. There's nothing quite like watching a child's eyes light up when they tear open a present and find the toy they've been dreaming of.  Whether it's enjoying a delicious meal around the dinner table, building a snowman in the yard, or huddling around a warm fire with hot chocolate, the holidays are the best. 

But not everyone experiences joy this time of year.  For many in our midst, the holiday season is a time of sorrow and depression.  The trials of life don't take a vacation this time of year.  Some are struggling with the loss of a loved one.  Others are crushed by illness.  Many are weighed down by addictions.  The list goes on - broken families, financial problems, etc.  Instead of happiness, the holidays are like salt in an open wound...painful, agonizing, dreadful. 

My Christmas wish this year is for all my clients and friends to be on the lookout for people who struggle to put the "merry" in Christmas.  And we all know at least a few.  Let's reach out to these people and somehow brighten their lives through simple acts of kindness and love.  It doesn't have to be extravagant.  It can be something practical.  Hopefully it will be something that reminds them they're special.  Maybe it's a card, a phone call, a little gift, or a meal.  Whatever it is, I hope we'll just do it, and keep on doing it on into the new year.  

Jesus said that "he didn't come to be served, but to SERVE."  Let's follow His example.

Merry Christmas everyone!