When was the last time you did the "Conga"?  For me, it was on Saturday, October 6th in the most unlikely of places -   above Lake Colchuck on the frigid slopes of Aasgard Pass. 

Yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit, it wasn't the actual Conga Line dance typical of late-night parties, but it felt like it.  As my friends and I ascended this challenging climb through a fresh dumping of slippery snow, the sheer number of people on the mountain was as stunning as the beauty that surrounded us.  Literally hundreds of thrill seekers were climbing upward in lockstep motion.  We were there for one simple reason - to take in the splendor of the Enchantments on a crystal clear, blue sky day. 

On that morning, the "Aasgard Conga Line" caught me off guard.  50 or 100 would have seemed normal.  But 500?  Or more?  At times it felt like Disneyland.  Of course everyone knows North Central Washington is Western Wa's playground, but this was a total surprise. 

One thing's for sure - outdoor recreation and leisure activities are popular in our American culture, and our region is a world-class venue that attracts pleasure seekers from far and wide.  This trend is gaining momentum, and it's having a powerful effect on our local economy.  No doubt home prices are bound to feel the effects of this "just-get-out-and-explore" culture.

This phenomenon has been part of what has driven the home market to new heights.  The median home price in the Wenatchee area recently hit an all-time high of $330,000. 

But lately we've been starting to see signs of slowing.  Soon, prices will level off, and new buyers will enter into the market.  A slower market is good news for buyers who have been sidelined by out-of-reach prices.  Sellers will have to get realistic on pricing and consider some negotiation as a way to compete for buyer's attention.

So what is the long term outlook?  Look for local real estate prices to remain strong.  The influx of capital and investment into the Seattle and Puget Sound area over the past few years has been monumental.  Some of this mind-boggling amount of money will inevitably flow over the Cascades and into our region.   As more and more people discover the the thrills and pleasures of North Central Washington, expect the "Aasgard Conga Line" to become a perennial party.

For help with buying or selling in the Wenatchee region, please call or text me at 670-0795.

P.S. If you'd like to see my photos and videos of the day's hike, go here.  My Gaia app says we traveled 18.55 total miles, gained 4611 ft and descended 6681 ft.  Total hiking time was about 12 hours.  If you haven't been through the Enchantments yet, put it on your bucket list, it's worth every step!